Watford star Troy Deeney admits to being shocked at a certain action from Liverpool star Virgil Van Dijk.

The two faced each other when the Reds were defeated by Watford in the Premier League.

The defeat meant Liverpool could not go the entire season unbeaten, and was their first loss in 44 league games. But Van Dijk left Deeney impressed that day.

He told reporters: “It’s normally Virgil [a defender he hates facing]! I can’t explain to you.

“The guy is 6ft 4, fast, has a great footballing brain, loves to have a fight with you. It’s everything, he’s got everything.

“We beat them 3-0 and he was doing his hair while he had the ball. I was like ‘that’s amazing’.

“We were winning and he was doing his hair mid-game, fair play to him! He’s very good.”