Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold wants to win more trophies.

The right-back was excellent as the Reds defeated Chelsea 5-3 at Anfield, and then lifted the Premier League trophy.

While everyone was in a party mood, Alexander-Arnold looked forward to future competitions.

“When you’re playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world, when you’re playing with world class players and you’ve got a world class manager, the mentality has to be world class. That’s relentless – all the time,” he told reporters.

“To be able to do that you have to win trophies year after year, and next year it’s going to be about doing the same and recreating the feelings that we’re feeling for the next few years and trying to become a legendary Liverpool team.

“We want to write our own chapter in this amazing history of the club — we just want to be a special Liverpool team that fans can be proud of.”