Nigeria has no reason being divided — Gombe gov


Gombe State Governor, Inuwa Yahaya, on Saturday said ethnic nationalities in Nigeria had no reason to be divided as the country would be more prosperous in unity.

Yahaya stated these when the state chapter of the Igbo Community and Welfare Association paid him a visit to thank him for appointing an Igbo businessman, Chidebelu Ewuzie, as his Special Adviser on Intercommunity Relations.

“Nigeria has no reason to be where it is today, with all these conflicts, whether about secession, religion or association. If you go back to history, and I’m a student of history, I can recall that the first mayor of Enugu was Alhaji Umaru Altine. Zik (Nnamdi Azikiwe) of blessed memory was born at Zengeru and there was flourishing business and relationship between the Igbos and the North, even before the advent of Nigeria, to the time Nigeria was created and this moment.

“Our relationship is supposed to be harmonious, of joy and happiness. Our relationship should be mutually beneficial. God has blessed this country abundantly in human and mineral resources. We have every reason to be proud of ourselves, to accommodate one another and to provide the ground on which our children and grandchildren will enjoy and have harmonious relationships. Our coming together is a source of strength,” he said.

While saying that his government would ensure that the businesses of people from other ethnic groups would enjoy an enabling environment, Yahaya added that such would make Gombe’s economy expand.

He added, “In me, the Igbo blood flows up and down. I pledged to you during the campaign, when we went to see the Igbo community that any government I formed was going to be a government of the Igbo because I would involve you, your people and all other ethnic nationalities in the issues of governance in Gombe State.

“That was my pledge. I think I have shown an example and we shall continue to do that. From jobs to patronage, in terms of contracts, to patronage in terms of admission, to patronage in terms of provision of facilities and amenities, this government is ready to do that for all communities.”