Northern Coalition Groups move to tackle insecurity

Northern Coalition Groups (NCG) said they are working towards tackling insecurity in the 19 states of northern Nigeria.

The groups also attributed the worsening insecurity in the north to corruption occasion by unemployment.

At the state executive/interest groups harmonisation and security assessment    meeting  held in  Makurdi, Benue state capital on Saturday,

The group board of trustee chairman, Alhaji Nastura Ashir Sharif, represented by Mohammed  Abdulahi Mohammed, noted that they have resolved to tackle insecurity in the north through collective effort .

They blame corruption as main reason for the insecurity in the north and reiterated calls for the Service chiefs to be  changed  so as to give the fight against bandits a new  bite and fresh ideas .

They told The Nation that they are going round all states  in the north to collate views directly from victims of insecurity so as to find a lasting solution.

“After going round the northern states and meeting with stakeholders, we shall take their views on insecurity to the central body of CNG and deliberate over it to find a common ground.”

The leaders resolved that very soon the insecurity in the north will be a thing of the past, saying each state had its own security situation just as Benue is about herdsmen and farmers  clash , kidnappings and bandits.

The one day meeting of Northern Coalition Groups ( CNG)  with a theme ‘Harmonisation  and  security assessment’ was attended by many  interest groups  across the 23 local government area in Benue state.