Ikpeazu’s infrastructural punch

SIR: Governor Okezie Ikpeazu recently threw a very devastating punch on the opposition in Abia State. In boxing terms, it qualifies as a “technical knockout” and possesses the potentials of putting at bay the rantings of the opposition in the state.

Hear the governor:” “Let our projects be the counter punch to their political noise; for now, pending when we will ask them to come forward and show their scorecards to the people who graciously elected us to serve them, and do their work, instead of working for ourselves. Our people should expect more values for their unflinching support, and with God on our side we will continue to deliver project punches that will ultimately knock out the political jobbers wishing to distract us”.

Indeed, in the areas of infrastructure, Ikpeazu’s stride is unprecedented. He highlighted this fact when he noted that “In our continuing bid to totally reclaim Aba through the delivery of top class road infrastructure and development of SMEs in the state’s commercial nerve centre, we have completed work on Milverton, Ojike and Eziukwu roads.

“Those who know the city will certainly applaud the solid work we have done within that cluster using a combination of rigid and flexible pavement technology to deliver roads with good drains on both sides that are seamlessly connected to Aba River”.

In the Ndiegoro axis of Aba,Ngwa, Obohia and Ohanku roads are undergoing reconstruction. This is in addition to the massive watershed management work which is aimed at providing lasting solutions to the perennial flooding of the area.

Abians are equally aware that most of these roads are done with “rigid cement technology”. Ikpeazu pioneered the rigid cement technology in this part of the country. Though the technology is capital intensive, Ikpeazu’s motive behind the adoption of the technology is that the roads will outlast his administration. Because, according to him, it will be counter-productive if the administration, within one to two years, solicits or borrows loans to rehabilitate these roads after they must have collapsed.

Cement technology in road construction ensures the mixture of crush rock-based materials and other items to achieve a thickness fill and compaction to the level of 300mm. This is followed by a concrete reinforcement cast with 8mm to10mm-high tensil (mash of wires) reinforcement bars over the stabilised base before treating it with prime coat and asphaltic concrete.

Though the cost of this technology is higher than those of the conventional construction methods, Governot Ikpeazu chooses this technology as a means of strengthening the load-bearing capacity of roads in Abia and to boost the strength and quality of the finished work. The technology has a sustainability guarantee of 10 to 20 years.

Cement technology is one of the technologies used in the construction of airport runways, tarmac and places with heavy loads like machines and equipment. The technology is a good solution for achieving sustainable roads in Nigeria.

Governor Ikpeazu is not claiming infallibility; he always acknowledges that he has not done everything but has done something.