Vocal act Sogheer explains motive behind new album ‘Kontrofaasi’


VOCAL act, Wonuola Tahj aka Sogheer has explained the motive behind his recently released album titled, Kontrofaasi.

In a recent chat, Sogheer said the 17-track body of work is laced with thought-provoking lyrics.

“The new album, Kontrofaasi, will address the pathetic the controversial situation of the Muslim Ummah.

“Muslims are the victims everywhere. The ‘Ummah Once Known’ has become a mannequin and we have delved into unnecessary controversies that have led to our current pathetic state. Every time, we lay claim on our strength of 1.8 billion Muslims and still counting. In reality, we are just 1.8 billion disunited people,” he added.

Sogheer, who is also into filmmaking, said the album also highlighted the importance of the belief in Allah.

Some of the track-list includes None Like Him, My Lord, Blunder, Masjid Calling, Ramadan, La ilaha Illa Allah, and Nikkah Song 2.O.


Source: thenationonlineng.net