There is a huge growing LGTBQ community in Nigeria ― Charley Boy

Despite the law criminalising same sex amorous relationships in Nigeria signed in 2014, a popular musician, Charles Oputa, has revealed that there is a huge growing community of lesbians, gays, transgenders, bisexuals and queers, LGTBQ in the country.

Mr Oputa popularly known as Charley Boy, was also criticised by his daughter, Dewy Oputa, whose sexuality he recently disclosed as being a lesbian in a statement, advised that Nigerians must go a step further by educating themselves to have a better understanding of this phenomenon.

He also made his cell phone number public saying, “If you feel pressured or unloved by your parents because they don’t understand you and you’re afraid about talking to them, call me.”

Speaking on the feedbacks of the interactions he received while lamenting the hardships of being a parent, the Area Fada corner said he was shocked at the number of calls he received from members of the LGTBQ community who he said are suffering “emotional trauma”.

He also cautioned parents to be mindful of expectations from their children, saying, “Our influence and nurture for our kids is not more than 25 percent, 75percent of their lives is under attack by external influences, social media, peer pressure, what they pick up in school, etc.”

He said: “My post a few days ago, about my daughter’s right to her sexuality, opened my eyes and exposed me to the huge growing community of LGTBQ’s in Nigeria.

Charley Boy speaking in pidgin said; “I had to shut down, my ears don full. I heard stories dat made me teary eyed, the emotional trauma the LGTBQs community is going through amongst the numerous problems we face in this country.”

He continued; “Our society is filled with hypocrisy. Lesbianism/homosexuality started way before social media, predominantly in the North. Now, it’s in our churches, Nollywood, Houses of Assembly, even in Aso Rock, it’s everywhere.”

Source: vanguardngr.com