One thing Bajinotu’s boss still desires to achieve

Nigeria is blessed with many people who rose from humble beginnings to great heights. Kazeem Ayinla, the brain behind Bajinuto Poka Creamy Bitters, is one such worth mentioning.

To all and sundry, Ayinla is now a top shot in the herbal business. But before striking gold with Bajinotu in 2016, his three previous herbal brands – Alobo, Seakam Bitters and Doro Bitters – failed to make the desired impact.

Having made a fortune, Chairman, Seakam Global Resources Limited, still feels there is something amiss. After dropping out of secondary school, Ayila became too busy. He became a father at 22 and had to fend for his family. However, the desire to return to school has unsettled him for years and he has decided to deal with that one thing in his bucket list.

Social Circuit caught up with him recently and he admitted: “If I had gone to school, I would have grown bigger than this. There were some mistakes I made while setting up my business. My business cannot suffer even if I am not around because the drink can be produced without my presence.”

Source: thenationonlineng.net