Musiliu Ishola: Apala music can never go into extinction


Musiliu Haruna Ishola, a popular Apala musician and son of late Apala legend, Haruna Ishola, has said Apala music can never go into extinction.

Musiliu, who is currently working in the studio on a new album, made this known following tales that he has quit music.

The musician said some people misconstrue his not releasing albums with quitting the music scene.

He went on to say his genre of music is waxing stronger by day because it has been identified as one of the music of the future.

Speaking in a chat recently, he said, “I’m still in music and I have no other job except music.”

On why he has not released an album in a long while, Musiliu said the situation in the country is not encouraging and not conducive for musicians to release albums like in the past. “During the time of our dad, there were little or no pirates, but now pirates have eaten deep into the music industry coupled with free downloads among other things.”

The Apala music star added that though his most popular album, ‘Soyoyo’ sold almost 20 million copies while the album that followed, ‘Authentic,’ ended sales at 15 million copies worldwide, it is hard for an album to sell up to 20,000 copies in recent times.

The leading light in Apala music went further to say that COVID-19 was the last straw that broke the camel’s back as the pandemic affected the entertainment industry across the globe.

Source: thenationonlineng.net