Daniel Nejo’s other life

Some of us only get to live one life but it looks like Daniel Nejo is living two. On one hand he is a tech entrepreneur and content creator, on the other he’s a musician and rapper known as RainyMilli.

Nejo’s first love was for music. From a very young age he was into music and in his high school days because of his ability to recite all of 2 Face Idibia’s songs, he used to be called “2 Face.”

At Ajayi Crowther University which he attended, he released two mixtapes – ‘Not Yet Ready’ and ‘Almost Ready’ just as he was about to graduate in Computer Science in 2013.

After graduation, things switched off a bit for Nejo musically. Due to lack of funds to properly promote his music, he decided to focus solely on building his tech and IT related-skills in web and graphics design. He then put the “RainyMilli” name to sleep.

From 2013  till date, Nejo spent more time building his businesses, the ‘Presidential Ideas’ and brand ‘ Presidential Hustle,’ which gave him some exposure and fame as an entrepreneur and content creator.

But in March 2019, he brought back his moniker “RainyMilli” to life with the release of his first official debut single “Eko to London” which was aired on major TV channels like MTVBase, TraceUrban, Soundcity and BEN Television.

Source: thenationonlineng.net