Monitoring & Evaluation, Accountability and Learning/Information and Communication for Development Expert at Federal Ministry of Water Resources

Federal Ministry of Water Resources – The Niger Basin Authority NB-ITTAS Project is an important opportunity for a sustainable use of natural resources, water, land, forests in the Niger Basin. NB-ITTAS (Niger Basin – Iullemeden -Taoudeni/Tanezrouft Aquifer System) which engages four implementation partners that are the NBA (for Components 2, 3 and 4), OSS (Components 1 , 2 and 4), UNIDO (Component 3) and UNESCO (Component 4), is the expression of the implementation of the NBA Sustainable Development Action Plan of the Niger River Basin, and the development of the Trans-boundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) and Strategic Action Plan (SAP) of the Iullemeden-Taoudeni/Tanezrouft Aquifer System (SATT or ITTAS in English Iullemeden-Taoudeni/Tanezrouft Aquifer System).

The project covers the following aspects:

  • The negative effects of climate change which put pressure on human health, food security and general livelihood and/or resilience.
  • Degradation of land, other natural resources and change in the way these resources are used.
  • Changes in the hydrological regime: result of a combination of climate variability and changes.
  • Pollution: (i) Agricultural pollution; (ii) Industrial pollution (Industry, Mining and Oil); (iii) urban and domestic pollution; (iv) Infestation of invasive aquatic plants.

To ensure proper execution and proper monitoring of the Project actions in the field, the Niger Basin Authority is launching a call for applications for the recruitment of the following positions. These vacancies are open to applicants from Niger Basin Authority member countries, including NBA internal applicants:

Job Title: Monitoring & Evaluation, Accountability and Learning/Information and Communication for Development Expert (MEAL/ICT4D)
Duty station: Niamey, Niger

The specific objectives of the position are as follows:

  • Guide the process of establishing the baseline situation (baseline study), refine the project performance monitoring indicators and verify the quality of the environmental and socio-economic data available on the project area, the methods used for collecting them and their degree of reliability to constitute good basic statistics;
  • Lead the deployment and timely completion of the MEAL/ICT4D computerized digital system to support the implementation of project activities;
  • Develop the entire framework for participatory monitoring and evaluation (M/E) of the project based on formal and functional mechanisms and systems, particularly annual reviews, participatory impact evaluations, process monitoring, monitoring operations and workshops to capitalize on lessons learned;
  • Provide guidelines, cohesion and facilitate learning in brainstorming events and manage communication of MEAL results on time to ensure a common vision and identity of the project;
  • Use the appropriate MEAL/ICT4D tools to monitor project performance in innovative ways using a dashboard, regular data analysis and undertake regular data quality assessments, working closely with partner  organizations to identify and implement recommendations and improve data collection and management systems;
  • Guide the designing process of the computerized monitoring and evaluation system; Activities include standardization of MEAL digital data collection forms, data and reporting platform, among others;
  • Ensure that the M&E system complies with the provisions of funding agreements and NBA standards;
  • Guide and supervise the consultants and/or structures contracted to carry out the specific surveys necessary for the evaluation of effects and impacts; support the stakeholders and partners of the Project to set up their own systems consistent with that of the Project;
  • Contribute to the development of a capacity building and support plan for monitoring and evaluation, and monitor its implementation;
  • Ensure that the targeting strategy is respected and gender is taken into account in all project activities;
  • Work closely with NBA staff and key stakeholders to develop the necessary capacities and ensure that systems are in place to ensure rapid and efficient implementation of M&E and MEAL/ICT4D activities, training, technical assistance, materials, equipment and reporting.
  • Help establish the AWPBs, and design, on the basis of the AWPBs, the general framework for monitoring activities;
  • Train, monitor and supervise MEAL/ICT4D officers and provide general strategic leadership;
  • Work closely with the Regional Coordinator, Component Coordinators and UNDP and others in order to enhance the visibility of the project through innovative approaches using MEAL/ICT4D tools as the unique identity of NB-ITTAS.
  • Ensure the planning, monitoring and periodic evaluation of all Project activities as well as support other members of the Project team to fulfill their information management and production tasks;
  • Support the stakeholders and partners of the Project to set up their own systems consistent with that of the Project;
  • Coordination at local and regional level of the collection, processing and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data;
  • Drafting of periodic reports, for monitoring and planning of project monitoring and evaluation activities in consultation with other project staff
  • Coordinate the deployment of a comprehensive global monitoring and evaluation framework, tools including performance indicators and benchmarks for each aspect of the project to ensure transparency and accountability in accordance with the general strategic directions of the NBA and the project;
  • Recommend and implement a systematic approach to integrate thematically defined result indicators in the strategies and formulation of regional activities (contribution, production, results, impact);
  • Train project and NBA staff in the use of MEAL/ICT4D tools;
  • In collaboration with the Coordinator of Component 2, coordinate evaluations of project activities and capture good practices resulting from implementation;
  • Develop a comprehensive reporting framework on MEAL and ICT with provisions relating to the NBA’s impact assessment;
  • Put in place data collection systems and mechanisms to monitor the development of indicators defined in the overall reporting framework;
  • Implement MEAL/ICT4D standardization accessible to project staff, NBA and implementing partners.
  • Develop a knowledge management system and ensure its functionality within the project;
  • Document lessons learned and good practices including, appropriate application of MEAL/ICT4D best practices, and share them with all stakeholders;
  • Identify centers of excellence in all target countries and for each area of ​ activity, promote decentralized knowledge centers;
  • Promote cross-learning between different projects and between project partners;
  • In collaboration with the Regional Coordinator, support thematic coordinators to promote internal mechanisms improving knowledge generation and crosslearning;
  • Disseminate and promote the use of research and key case studies internally and to the outside world, using ICT4D;
  • Assist NBA and UNDP to design and integrate ICT4D in the development of new proposals.
  • Cooperate closely with members of other components in the development of technical and scientific programmes, and the development of terms of reference for technical missions;
  • Participate in the technical monitoring of activities, evaluations and technical audits of project achievements
  • Follow up on recommendations and the various project operations units;
  • Ensure the limitation of methodologies to be used by service providers in terms of evaluating or carrying out technical studies.

The Expert should have:

  • Higher education degree (at least BAC+4) in statistics, socio-economics, environment, management, or related field;
  • Professional experience of at least 7 years in the monitoring and evaluation of development projects/programmes. Experience in ecosystem management/development would be an asset;
  • Proven competence (similar work), at least five (5) years, in the application of a monitoring and evaluation system based on ICT4D in a development project/programme;
  • Proven knowledge of MEAL/ICT4D platforms;
  • Knowledge of data entry software, analysis, database management and common software;
  • Proven competence in human relations, communication and a strong capacity for teamwork and working under pressure;
  • Perfect command of the French and/or English language – spoken and written (knowledge of the other language will be an asset);
  • Have sufficient skills in capacity building to ensure the training of staff and stakeholders involved in monitoring/evaluation activities

How to Apply
The application files should include the following documents:

  • A cover letter;
  • A recent and detailed curriculum vitae;
  • A copy of the citizenship certificate or any other document which may help to establish nationality;
  • A copy of the titles, diplomas, and certificates of qualifications;
  • A copy of the work or services certificates or attestation;
  • One (1 ) passport-size photo;
  • The names and addresses of three (3) reference persons.

The contract is for a period of two (2) years, with a trial period of three (3) months. The GIS specialist shall be subject to an annual performance evaluation which may or may not determine the continuation of the contract.

Applicants interested in the proposed position should submit their file, in a sealed envelope, to the address mentioned below no later than Thursday, 17 September 2020 at 10 am UT and must bear the words the job position title eg: “Recruitment of a Data Management, GIS and Remote Sensing Technician”.

They should be addressed: for the attention of The Regional Coordinator of the NBITTAS project.
Project Headquarters: NBA Technical Directorate, Haro banda, 1 st lane on the left after the Bridge (Right bank) coming from the GAWEYE hotel, 1st gate on the right, ask for the NB-ITTAS coordination unit.

Files can also be submitted by email to the following addresses:
[email protected][email protected] with a copy to:
[email protected] no later than Thursday, 17 September 2020 at 10 am UT.


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To apply for this job email your details to [email protected]