NMU issues notice to students/cadets on appearance in the campus

It has been observed with dismay that most 200 and 300level students/cadets have disregard the existence rules and regulation on dressing haircut and other personal appearance since the resumption of lectures and other activities from 19th December,2020 while the 100level students/cadets are currently complying and comporting themselves as required the senior students disposition is not only discouraging but impacting negatively on the unsuspecting students this situation is like a virus in the university system as in computers

2)In view of the above all 200 and 300level students/cadets who refuse to turn up with the blue uniforms and Beret with proper haircut will not be allowed to participate in lectures,test and examination with effect from Monday 16th November,2020 also the defaulting students/cadets would be accosted for necessary disciplinary action as the case may be 

3) The co operation of the concerned authorities in both academic and non academic department in the enforcement of the above stated students/cadets disciplinary action is Herby solicited