ASUU UMYU notice on reopening of the institution

Undoubtedly, our struggle has reached a critical stage because of Government directives to open all Educational Institutions in the state. The Union therefore salutes your doggedness and commitment to its struggle for the betterment of the system and our collective welfare 

Consequently, the management in compliance with the Government directives is set to open the University on Monday 19th October 2020. Therefore, our union wishes to clarify that opening of the University is within the prerogative of the Council which does not in any way affect our struggle. 

Moreover, members should note that our struggle is still very much on course, no lectures, statutory meetings, supervision of projects/dissertations among others. In order to adhere strictly to these directives, we implore you to remain at home, at least in these coming weeks, while we continue to pursue our local demands and engage the government to do the needful. 

Thank you for reposing your trust in us