ARCN Appoints New Provosts For 7 Federal Colleges of Agriculture

The Agricultural Research Council Of Nigeria (ARCN) has appointed New Provosts for 7 Federal Colleges of Agriculture in the country and an Executive Director for the National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) Vom. The appointed provosts received their letters at the Council’s Board room.

While presenting the appointment letters, the Executive Secretary of ARCN, Prof Garba Hamidu Sharubutu congratulated each of the appointees and charged them to ensure they contribute their own quota to the growth and development of the National Agricultural Research System.

Prof. Garba further expressed his delight in the acclaimed standard of the recruitment process leading to their appointment.

The new appointees are: Dr. Maryam Mohammed- NVRI Vom; Dr. Fadiyimu- FCA Akure; Dr. Mrs Augustus- FCA Ibadan; Dr. Gwaram- Kano; Dr. Babawo- D/kowa Gombe; Dr. Okoronkwo- FCA Ishiagu; Dr. Owosibo- FCAHPT- Ibadan and Dr. Jude Okpara- FCAHPT Vom.